Saturday, October 5, 2013


Yosemite NP

The new travel blog is up and running. No posts yet, but as my bf and I are leaving Monday, there should be something very soon.

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Monday, August 26, 2013


3 months of freedom coming my way :)

Look out for the new travel blog...


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Poetry Tuesday :)

The Moon in Me

The sky is a question mark
which leads me to reminders;
pages filled with only lines,
words burnt to ashes.

Fear burnt words fly from blazon stone;
flurries that rise and flutter.
Doubt is a lasting red coal amongst
the most flammable, but never lasting tinder.

The aftermath lingers in silence,
the combustion mirrored in the moon.
the wind blows again, makes waves,
spreads seeds, eases heat.

Alas the coal settles, but with future
and the ashes to dust to dust.

-Meeee :)

Monday, July 15, 2013

Canon Camera Reviews

I don't know much about technologies and I'm not savvy in techy terms or science anything. All I know is my experience with a product and none such surpasses my expectations with flying colors like a Canon camera.

Canon PowerShot

Canon Rebel

My first Canon camera was the Canon PowerShot SD750 Digital Elph. The money for it was a high school graduation gift from my grandparents. I searched and searched for the perfect camera and my brother suggested this one and boy! was he right. Even now owning a Canon Rebel EOS T2i, the PowerShot is the best camera I've ever owned.

First pic I ever took with the Canon PowerShot.

Not necessarily due to the picture quality, though that is also great in it's own right, but because of it's insanely intense durability. This camera has been literally lost and buried in a snowstorm for 24hrs and emerged from the chill working just as amazing as the first day I bought it. It has climbed The Mist Trail in Yosemite National Park with me, capturing the mist, while being drenched in it, just as clearly as ever. I must say it's been a environmentally challenging four years for this camera and for that it was a good 200 and something dollars worth it.

The Mist Trail @ Yosemite NP taken with the PowerShot

My Canon Rebel EOS T2i is another wonderful specimen of technology. While more complicated and more of a risk to test it's durability, the picture quality is deliciously crisp as you can see in almost all the pics I post on here and hello the name makes me feel super cool :)

Highway 1 @ Big Sur taken with the Rebel

and for all of that....I am a loyal Canon customer and always will be.


Sunday, July 14, 2013

Original Art Sunday :)

Today I'm feeling like I've got nothing to lose. Here's some of my original writing, poetry and photography. Hope you enjoy!


I'm quite sick of "why". We were in love once and "truth" was my g-spot, but one day I tasted life and why didnt seem to matter anymore. All that mattered was that moment and every single thing around me in that moment that tickled the 5 senses. I wish everyone would stop caring why things are and just start feeling it. Accept everything! And not because you can justify it, but because it just is what it is. Istigkeit! Isness. I dont care why a waterfall falls! It just does and it's beautiful and I want it. I dont care why a particular author wrote what they wrote and all the whom elses of the worlds theory about it. I take it for what it is: a story of life, experience, imagery. I dont need explanations, I just need to feel everything! And the feeling is explaination enough. I find myself in these modes where I wish to be an all-cosuming being; just to be able to consume everything in the world: all feelings, experiences. I want... life. I want the winds across my knees. I want to be a seed in a hurricane. A molecule in the sea. I want to be the burmuda triangle. I want to be a waterfall, endlessly falling, I want to be! just be, simply be. I believe in the grass. I believe in the eye of a feline. I believe that we dont need to ask for tomorrow. It shall come, it shall render change sometimes life changing. And when it all stops. it all stops and that is all. 

A butterfly is of a strange kind, but a butterfly is just like you and me the same. Indeed I am a butterfly. except I transform daily. I have a thousand different wings and within them one million different colors. As I travel I hear the wind sweep past me and as I fly I see things others cannot. A butterfly is of a strange kind, I am a butterfly, indeed I am of a strange kind.


A hallow well is at a loss for syllables. Each brick is molded
across the rim, but standing. However, not sustaining are 
the drips that echo like howling. Succulents scour the
depths, their vines in search of swollen dirt. What
remains is not forgiving. With cracked agony,
it seethes for its bucket to descend into
a yesterday lined in faces made of 
ripples, eyes and sun mixed to 
crystals. A simple sorrow 
swells with no, 

nothing, but a 
raspy groan.

I am a fleeting memory,
a youthful summer breeze.
My seasons carry hot nights, 
thrown dandelions, mason jars filled with firefly wings.

The sliver of the moons silver lining
sounds like the rounds of a crystal glass.
An illumination of lines tear down
a frosted cloud.

My eyes like sequins twinkle,
a body like a snake crouched in leaves. 
I fall from my meal nest. A great howl:
splat! The streets hollow.

What is this force of hand
that demands I say
what I know?

To bleed through pages with grey edges
and marked with blues a-glow;
to stamp my nerves in stone.

And oh! the excuses to not,
to withhold my lichens and leeches,
so that I can remain whole.

My stars and moonshine make me,
burnt frost hair and hips shaking,
the maypole quaking, my kindred sisters.

God oh God what is this force of hand?
This central instinct to create. 
Waxing and waning, each season I'm changing,
a brown leaf in the gutter, my nature can rot.

Last Words 

He was like the guys you see in old-fashioned movies; black and white. His smile was like the moon light, illuminated. “How are you sweetheart?” he asked. How am I? Who cares, I thought. “How are you Pop? I love you, be strong.” He didn’t even know, they didn’t tell him. He would have gone on forever, if they had never told him.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Rainy Daze

It's one of those typical Florida days drenched in cloud sweat and the nap inducing sounds of a thunder's discontent rumble. I went into the storm a little bit ago to take the pictures that I'm going to post in this and I found myself enjoying being out in the summer rain more than the photography itself. If only I can capture that feeling.

It seems like a juvenile thing to play in the rain so I think many people try to avoid getting wet or even going outside during a storm. I think we all forget how wonderful it can feel. Everything about it: the cool drops slipping down the front of your raincoat and into your boots, the fresh smell of soil's thirst being quenched, the comfortable grey sky, the childish crawling fear of sporadic thunder. And it's funny how different the experience of a rainy day can be depending on where you are. I know when I'm in my house and it's rainy I'm either getting cabin fever trying to figure out what to do or not consensually falling asleep, but when I'm outside on a rainy day I feel very much alive and happy and like I wanna play and find frogs and drink raindrops.

When I was out there I saw my cat sitting in the window and I thought it was funny because it is usually the opposite situation. So I did a little dance for her and she did one back. While I'm on the cat topic, my little lola brought me a present this morning. I was sitting on my computer in the living room and I see her come up to the door from outside - with a jesus lizard in her mouth! She's such a sweet killer. At least it wasn't a snake this time, that's usually her specialty. Anyhow, my dad and I frantically tried to get her to put him down and eventually she did and luckily he was still alive :)

When she came in I told her "Thank you, but no thank you my sweet. This family likes lizards."